Autonomous Vehicle Projects

I. Big Names

Self-driving cars

1. Apollo - Self-driving Car

Apollo - Apollo is an open source autopilot platform that contains almost everything. Including hardware, systems, vehicle platforms, cloud services, etc. You can quickly build a self-driving system of your own by Apollo.

3. Autoware

Autoware.AI - The original Autoware project built on ROS 1. Launched as a research and development platform for autonomous driving technology.

Autoware.Auto - Autoware reimagined. Based on ROS 2. Autoware.Auto is managed by an open-source community manager, applies best-in-class software engineering practices, and is based son a redesigned architecture.

4. Openpilot

Openpilot - openpilot is an open source, semi-automated driving system developed by This system is an add-on device which can be installed on multiple car models to provide autonomous features.

Autonomous robots

1. TurtleBot

TurtleBot is a low-cost, personal robot kit with open-source software. TurtleBot was created at Willow Garage by Melonee Wise and Tully Foote in November 2010. With TurtleBot, you’ll be able to build a robot that can drive around your house, see in 3D, and have enough horsepower to create exciting applications. - TurtleBot website.

II. Other Projects

ADAS on Jetson Nano. This is an ADAS system that uses Jetson Nano as the hardware with four main functions: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and overspeed warning.